The focal point of the Killing Fields Memorial is the Wall of Remembrance - a permanent memorial honoring the more than 2 million men, women, and children who perished in the Killing Fields.


Designed within an environment for quiet contemplation utilizing glass, stone, water, and light effects, the memorial includes the individual names of thousands of relatives lost by Cambodians all over the United States.


The Wall of Remembrance promotes the healing of the survivors and poignantly illustrates the unfathomable loss for those who did not experience it. A video collection of photos and biographies of lost loved ones collected from surviving family members allows visitors to view the faces and better understand the lives behind the names.


The memorial hosts the annual Day of Remembrance that include survivors bearing witness to this brutal chapter of human history and to remind the world that no people on earth should ever again suffer such atrocities. The memorial challenges ignorance and complacency, opening doors of compassion, understanding, and vigilance against hatred and oppression.

The Killing Fields Memorial invites all Cambodians who lost family members to the Khmer Rouge regime to preserve their legacy in the Memorial.

 It is vital that we remember those that did not survive and teach our younger generations to never forget. Names of family members who did not survive the Killing Fields will be added to the Wall of Remembrance with a $50 donation. The names are added to our database and then etched with other collected names on the glass Wall of Remembrance panels.

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