Tola Livesey


Tola is part of the 1.5 generation that was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and moved to Chicago at the age 3. She later moved to North Carolina where she spent most of her childhood and young adult life as one of the only Cambodians in her immediate community and had little to no access to her cultural heritage.

She moved back to Chicago in 2007 to finish college and in 2011 ended up getting an internship at the Cambodian Association of Illinois. Through her internship, she reconnected with her Cambodian roots and have since been an active participant with the Chicago Cambodian community by having been a youth mentor, formerly worked at the Museum as an AmeriCorps Vista member, and have served as the MC at previous CAI and museum functions. [RK1] [RK2]

Tola currently works at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago as the Internship and Volunteer Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a BA in Cultural Anthropology, and a certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School in Artifact Care and Collection. She has experience with cultural preservation, archive and collections, development and fundraising, leadership development, photography, and event planning.

For fun, and when she has time, Tola likes to read, travel, hike, and eat.

[RK1]Run on sentence

[RK2]“which includes being a youth mentor, a former AmeriCorps Vista member with the museum, and as an emcee for CAI and museum events.”