Saramani Wells

BOARD Member

Saramani Wells is a 2nd generation Cambodian-American who grew up in the Midwest. Her mother named her after the novel Saramani: Danseuse Cambodgienne, published in 1919 by French author, Roland Meyer. In the story, a talented classical dancer falls in love with an outsider, causing controversy and she dies alone. Saramani is still waiting to see if this will happen to her.

Saramani became involved in the Cambodian community when she moved to Chicago in 2010, as a volunteer for CAI. She believes we accomplish more when we pull each other up. She has been a mentor and tutor as a student team lead and with orgs such as Planned Parenthood, World Relief, and Chicago Scholars.

She has a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Spanish from North Central College. Currently she works in the Office of External Affairs at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She deploys as one of the first staff on the ground to assist survivors following presidentially declared disasters.