Khemarey Khoeun


Khemarey is a first generation immigrant, born in the refugee camps in the aftermath of the Cambodian genocide and grew up in America. She understands the impact that war can leave on family and community, often spanning multiple generations. This has been a driving force for her as an organizer and trainer in one of the largest immigrant-led coalitions in the country, focusing on education, civic engagement and advocacy. Her interest is in helping community elders recognize the impressions a violent history can leave on our community, working together to recover from post-war trauma, while rebuilding a culture of progress and achievements for our younger generations.

She brings to the museum her experience in organizational capacity building, leadership development, fundraising, and technology. She has received numerous community awards, including the YWCA Outstanding Women Leaders Promise Award. Khemarey formerly served on the Board of Directors for the Cambodian Association of Illinois. She received her BS in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago and is pursuing a degree in Health Informatics.

Activist turned tech nerd, Khemarey is currently the Product Integration Specialist at HealthJoy, a healthcare technology company that is changing the industry with its own artificial intelligence to make navigating healthcare easier for everyone.

Whatever free time she has is dedicated to her supportive husband and two young children.